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Dodge Gurl
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Drunk Tank
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Are you a stoner or a POTHEAD?
What type of car are you?
What Alcoholic drink are you
What High School Stereotype Are You?
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This is me
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Blind River Bitches & Bastards LOL
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Running and Hiding Behind Brwon Eyes
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About Me


Hey this is me,Felicia Cress, People know me as dodge gurl and thats what I am. I will only ride in a dodge. What can I say all my life I've been around dodge vehicles and well I plan to keep it that way.

I'm a 17 year old female with the love for cars , I love everything about them. if you want to impress me just get a car with a system that pumps big time and well hey man you got my attention.

Ya not everthing about me is all great. I'm a pot head and well theres no point in hiding it and well I'm back in high school. Meh what the fuck. Like I give a fuck what you think about me

Mopar's Rule

Grab Life By the Horns

Fuck you ford boyz real men drive dodge

Some people think I'm to hard core into drugs. Well I'm not I just do it for the fact that it gets my ex of my mind. Hey it works. Now man I've moved on and fell in love all over again.

My Crew

Theres few people who I respect in this shit hole town. the mainly the guys I hang with. N' boy you know who ya's are

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Anything I can dance to


This is me Felicia right stoned babe