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Dear Felicia

There are so many things to tell you. Things you dont' remember, probably things you dont want to know. There are many things better left alone. I'm sorry you feel that your father chose us over you. That is not the way it was. We all wanted you and faught with all our hearts to keep you, circumstances prevented us from us from being a family, all of us and a young child has to make a life changing decision. The sad part of the whole situation is that we did not hear one word or know where you were until March-2002 when the RCMP called us looking for you. More heartbreaking is that well all know who is to blame. It was heart breaking for all of us. We could remember, forget, argue, deny, accuse, discuss, blame, hate, love, explain until we turn blue, in the end we were not given the chance and we have all lost and all cried and all hurt. It can never be fixed or changed. Dont ask for something that has alwyas been yours. To find the truth you must look for it, dig deep and be patient, remember, It will come to you, the truth, the facts, you will know. Maybe someday we will all understand why someone who claims to love you so much, destroyed your family, changed all of what could have been and should have been. Maybe someone can tell all of why. Tori we wish you all good things for you, happiness, health, wealth and peace. hope you can find all of these. Most of all remember.