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To all my Blind River Crew I got a shout out for ya

Brandie: You be a kick ass stona and you my number one gurl.
Sarah: We've been thro alot of shit while I've moved back here but yo man don't hold a grudge. You are my best gurl in blind river. Gurl I'll tell you this much you may of drilled me three times to the face but gurl they wasnt all that good
Tarra: What can I say about you . You always ready to getter done.
Kiwi: Getter done bitch. Live your life day 2 day drinking your beer and smoking your weed!!!Well gurl hope you blaze one for the nation and take it like a champ and take one for the team BITCH.Well gotta bounce. See you at my place in my room @ 8 lol. SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY
Mel: Its not my fault your b/f thinks I'm hot.
Sabrina: Man you been a great gurl. I always thought of you to be like a sista, but girl tuffen up.
Amanda: Hey man I can't say much here for you but gurl getter done.
Ryan: Your ma ex b/f and the love of my life or well was until I met Brad. I love you stil but you need to stop being a playa.
Big Ray: Keep on blazen
Lil Ray: Your a kick ass friend.Good luck with your life
Leeann: I hope you n Tommy last for ever girl and take care of Cody. Never Leave Him.
Tommy: Try to be more of a father yo.
Tony: Wheres the money you owe me lol.
Tasha: You were always there to lend a helping hand. Thnax for your help girl. I'll miss you the most
Donelley: I think I spelt your name right. you was a good friend as well always there with Tasha to help me out. Thanx.
Zack: You are the cutest nefew a girl like me could ever ask for.
Amanda: You a good person and an every better sister. You mean alot to me.
Craig: You are the world to me, you mean the most and I love you with all my heart.
Pat: I dont know how long this shit is going to last, but boy you mean alot to me and well I love you and hope to see you happy with kayla and her baby.
Cory: Hye man you a weird brother and your weed is shit but you have the best personality and now how to make me laugh. You been there and well bud this new years eve you are getting smashed...LUV yea
And to the rest that I never had a shout out to you all ma crew


Hey Mel.
I never really did like you but I wont hold a grudge on you. But I hope you like gettin gplayed out like you fucking stupid. Cuz we both know Ryan is like that.

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