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Suicide is not an option

Welcome to my life

Hey this is me Felicia Cress,
So far you know a lil bit of my life and what I do with my life. But what you all don't know is how I came around to being this way. My life has been a emotional rollercoaster, with the lose of a mother anf a father walking outta my life.People that really know me wonder how come I have came to be this person. Some say they are surpised that I didn't commit suicide along time ago. About 6 months ago I lost some one that meant the world to me. And well if your reading this ryan I'm in total shock. I loved his with all my heart and well lost him my best friend.People think that I only tell people about my life so that I can get them to feel bad for me, when really I'm just doing it cuz alot of people ask what's it like growing up with out parents and having suicide always running through my mind.