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Dodge Gurl
metallica, ac/dc and pantera
Stoners dicinary
Drunk Tank
What type of Stoner are you?
Which guitar are you
What kinda drugs are you?
Are you a stoner or a POTHEAD?
What type of car are you?
What Alcoholic drink are you
What High School Stereotype Are You?
Stona's Pray
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Stona Numbers and Symbols
Stona Sayings
Canada's Shit
Never fear death
MSN screen names
MSN away messeges.
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Cool screen names


Why waste time trying to think up a MSN screen name when some one has already done it for you? 

 MSN Screen Names:
All The Cops go on vacation when I come into town.
I love your smile and Your eyes, Fuck I'm good at lies.
To Catch me you gotta be fast; to find me you gotta be smart; but to be me, DAMN YOU FUCKIN NUTS!!
Alcohol isn't the answer, but it makes 4get the question.
I'm not really away I just hate talking to you.
Life is like basketball, all the guys are players.
Its not my fault you boyfriend thinks I'm hot.
Don't let your mind wander. It's way too small to be outside by itself.
I have always wondered why people bang their heads against brick walls... Then I met you.
This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 20 dog, seconds dog! Now read without the word dog. I'm not paranoid... but I know that you think I am.
The Way I See It I'm Always Right.
I'm cute and you know it so why argue?
I wanted to kill the sexiest person alive, but suicide is a crime!
I Dont Like The Drugs, But The Drugs Like Me
I'm the girl your parents warned you about

(L) Love is like quicksand… the deeper you fall in the harder it is to get out!(L)
 I would tell ya to go to hell but all dogs go to heaven
If I thro' a Stick Will You Leave????
Im like a parking ticket, I have 'FINE' written all over me
Don't like my attitude? Call 1800-KISS-MY-ASS
If you think I'm a bitch, you should see my mom
If you hate me, i love you too. It ain't my fault i'm better than you
Guys Are Like Lays Chips.......Betcha Cant Have Just One
Beer Is Good, Beer Is Great, When You Drunk It's Easy To Find A Mate
Sweet By Light..........Naughty By Night
There's not enough hours in da day to do all da bitchin i need to do
Its not my fault i fell for ___________, he tripped me
I had a party last night, you didnt come .. but ur boy did ... twice

Don't Drink and Drive You might Spill Your Drink

Inhale exhale puff puff pas you bogart this shit I'm a bust your ass.

I was here but now I'm not left this room to smoke some pot left this not to prove a point lifes a bitch with out a joint.

Weed is a seed that grows in the ground if god didn't want it it would be around so all you preps that think your cool think again cuz stonas rule