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Dodge Gurl
metallica, ac/dc and pantera
Stoners dicinary
Drunk Tank
What type of Stoner are you?
Which guitar are you
What kinda drugs are you?
Are you a stoner or a POTHEAD?
What type of car are you?
What Alcoholic drink are you
What High School Stereotype Are You?
Stona's Pray
cool shit
Stona Numbers and Symbols
Stona Sayings
Canada's Shit
Never fear death
MSN screen names
MSN away messeges.
This is me
My town
About Me
Blind River Bitches & Bastards LOL
My opinions
Running and Hiding Behind Brwon Eyes
Heart breaking letter
Blind River Burn Outs

Symbols and Numbers

'13' - The number 13 has, for many years, refered to the 13th letter of the alphabet, M, which stands for marijuana.

12:34 - pager code for weed and good time to smoke

4:20 - Universal pot smoking time

4/20 - Pothead New Year

8:40 -  what you hit when you miss 4:20