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Dodge Gurl
metallica, ac/dc and pantera
Stoners dicinary
Drunk Tank
What type of Stoner are you?
Which guitar are you
What kinda drugs are you?
Are you a stoner or a POTHEAD?
What type of car are you?
What Alcoholic drink are you
What High School Stereotype Are You?
Stona's Pray
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Stona Numbers and Symbols
Stona Sayings
Canada's Shit
Never fear death
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This is me
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About Me
Blind River Bitches & Bastards LOL
My opinions
Running and Hiding Behind Brwon Eyes
Heart breaking letter
Blind River Burn Outs
Stoner Sayings


Inhale, exhale, puff, puff, pass,
you bogart this shit I'm a bust yor ass,


Weed is a seed that grows in the ground,
if god didn't want it, it wouldn't be around,
so all you preps think you cool,
I was here but now I'm not,
left this room to smoke some pot,
left this note to prove a point,
lifes a bitch with out a joint.
Now I pass out into sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Grant no other stoner take
My weed and bong before I wake
Keep me safely in thy sight
And grant no crackhead's thrill tonight
And in the morning let me awake
Breathing scents of wake 'n bake
God protect me in my dreams
and make this better than it seems
Grant the time may siwftly fly
When myself shall be so high
In a green grass weed bed
Where I long to rest my head
Far away from all these scenes
And the smell of bammer smoked by beans
Take me back into the land
Where the cops never take you out
Where the weed won't burn my throat like sand;
Where the scent of chronis blows
Where the good Mary Jane grows;
Take me back and I'll promise then
Never to leave BC again...


Man made booze god made weed...who do u trust?


~i go each day w/ THC
just a lil joint & me
we hit the bowl&have sum fun
im reely high when i am done
i like to smoke sum mary jane
to this day i cant complain

some is green sticky or hairy
it may even be a bit scary
even if it looks like hell
jus lite it up & breathe that smell
u can count on that lil green leaf
to replace a hard day w/releif

when we sit to smoke trees
pack the bowl again plz
standin around smokin a j
i luv to smoke that incredible hay

i luv weed & weed luvs me
im a pothead as u c
i think ill go & hit the bong
so thats my tribute to a THC song

we all love the green
you and i
lets smoke some weed
and get high

one bong two bong
red bong blue bong

w is for the way it makes me feel
e is for every season i peel
e is for everyday i smoke
d is for the dank nugs i toke

this is not a joke
you know i like to toke
i smoke all kinds of weed
but never the seed
if you smoke a bong
you'll never go wrong
lets roll a j
its the only way
just bought a pound
it can go all around
this some dank bud
something something thud

there once was a man named Bobby
Who had a chihuahua
Bobby had a fun hobby
It's called smoking marijuana

1, 2, 3 hits your out
Only if it's good shit
We're not out, so don't pout
Just let me hit

Pipes and Bongs
Joints and Brownies
High as King Kong
But there are no frownies

Laugh laugh ha ha
Look at me rhyme
Umm, yippity blah
I'm done, it's nap time

Marijuana, PCP
Magic mushrooms, LSD
We are Stoners,
We have class,
You'll fuck with us,
We'll kick your ass,
So all your preps that
think your cool,
Just remember Stoners rule.
Stoners live and stoners die,
But in the end we all get high.
So if in life you don't succeed,
Just fuck it all and smoke some weed!
I was here,
But now I'm not.
I went away,
To smoke some pot.
I wrote this down,
To prove a point.
Life's a Bitch,
With out a joint.
Pot is a plant,
That grows in the ground.
If God didn't want it,
It wouldn't be around.
So all you fuckers that don't get high,
Shut the fuck up and give it a try.
Hello mother. Hello father.
Here I am at Camp Marijuana.
Crack is good, but weed is better,
I'm so fucked up, a friend wrote this letter.



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