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A (back to top)


Acapucco Gold - bud leaf from Mexico (very rare to find)

Anbauen [AT] - To roll a joint (literally: to plant)

Angel of Death- triple rising blow back where the victim is held in the air with arms out whilst having chest pushed by "friends" (ask if rising blow back confuses 'cos it often does)

Apertar um [BR] - To roll a joint.

Aqua Lung [CA] - Gravity bong in a bucket.

Aufstellen [AT] - To buy some Cannabis (literally: to erect)

Auto [US] - A device consisting of an aquarium pump and an oxygen mask used to smoke cannabis.

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B A - Buzz amplifier, the after weed cigarette

B K - Buzz Killer

B K Double - The parents, cops, or that unanounced visitor...

b-40 - weed

b-dong - bong

B-Over - is what you have in the mornings after one to many bong hits.

babysittin' - holding the bowl too long.

Back-Roll [UK] - To roll the joint so that only one layer of paper surrounds the mix.

bag - a) what holds your buds; b) what you want / need to get (for me!); c) what makes you cry when it's empty

bag size - dime bag-$10 bag; quarter-a qaurter of an ounce (averages around $40); half-half an ounce (averages around $80); QP-quarter pound ...etc

Bagulho [BR] - Cannabis.

Bake Break [US] - To take a break and go smoke a pipe.

Bake Sale [US] - A smoke out session.

Baked [US] - To be heavily inspired by the consumption of cannabis.

Baked Ass = Fried = stoned beyond repair

Bamber [US] - Unpotent weed.

Bammer - Mexican brown weed (shitty shit)

Barzen [DE] - Smoking Cannabis.

Bate [PE] - Joint.

Beat [US] - The condition of a bowl full of ash.

Beat up - state when you're not really high any more, but you can still tell that you were high. And you're real tired

Beats - Music. "Put on some beats, dog!"

Beaver Enlightenment- mental state. When one momentarily stumbles into the next level of consciousness.

Bent - to be blazed, high, or under the influence of whatever gets you umm bent.

Berick [US] - To smoke a bong that is six feet or higher.

Best - as fucked up as you can get

Better - when you're so fucked up, you think there's something better than best (which gets into the whole debate -- is best better than better? or is better better than best? try to keep track of that fucker when you're stoned)

Biftah [UK] - Cannabis, or cannabis cigarette.

bignalls - People who want to smoke YOUR ganj for you.

Bikkies [AU] - Biscuits with a special ingredient.

Bill-up [UK] - To roll up a joint.

"billy" - Australian slang for bong, short for "billabong"...a small contained body of water often inhabited by bunjips (mystical scary swamp creature) and platypuses (platypi?)

Bitch [US] - One who knowingly dispenses bitchweed or nuke.

Bitch Slapped - getting stoned, going out to a party and getting ridiculously drunk, then smoking more when you return.

Bitched - a bowl of weed gone to ash and now unsmokable.

Bitchweed [US] - Adulterated, contaminated, rotten, or otherwise "bad" weed.

Bitti - A pot leaf with cinnamon and tobacco mixed inside and tied together with a natural (smokable) string.

Biz-nit - the bowl is bit

Black [CA] - Hash.

Blades [CA] - Smoking hashish with torch and knife.

blazed - just before riped

Blim [UK] - Those depressingly small bits of black after a good bong session. Also the name giving to small bits of black in the bong mull.

Blipped [NZ] - Stoned.

Blitzed [US] - To be really, really stoned.

Blockhead [UK] - Someone dedicated to the holy block of resin.

Blotto - to be stoned you don't understand whats going on.

Blow-Back [UK] - To exhale smoke into another's mouth. Also known as a 'shot gun'.

Blow it up - smoke some pot

BLOWED /p/ - to be blowed or blitzed.

Blubber [DE] - Bong.

blue - to much smoke in an aria or in your inhalation."it's Blue in here or that hit was too blue."

Blunt [US] - Hollowed out cigar filled with 1/8 of cannabis and sealed with honey.

Blunted [US] - To be intoxicated by the herb.

Bob Hope [UK] - Dope.

Bogart - Taking more hits than you should before passing the joint. "Don't bogart that joint."

Bombed - Burnin out

Bone [US] - Joint.

bong - (noun.) An object, that when used properly, goes gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.

bong-rips - should be taken daily.

Bong Swat [US] - A hit from the bong.

Bong Terd - That black shit that comes outa a bong after a lot of use.

Bonged - Completely monged

Bongineering [US] - Water-pipe construction.

Bongmaster - Keeper and filler of the bong

Bongo [AU] - Alternative term to bong...Billy , Billson , Willson , Chongo , Ong , Pipeocinnie

bongola - very big bong preferably four footer.

Bongology [AU] - The ancient art of water-pipe construction.

bone riding - Cruising in the car with some tunes and a spliff.

Boodagus - corner store that sells weed.

book - as in stoned(if shake-shook, take-took, then bake-book) example. "I am really fucking book!"

bottle - bottle of water (cokney ryming slang for daugher) = 1/4 of oz.(see also 'henry')

henry - henry 8th

Bottle job - arsehole who wimps out on joint or blowback, etc

Bottle Tokes [CA] - A method of using hashish where a small hole is made in a bottle (usually beer bottle), then a cigarette with a small chunk of hash on the tip is inserted in the hole.

Bouldered [AU] - To be heavily stoned.

bowl - 1) small amount of bud; 2) packed bowl; 3) the thing that's packed

Boxed [UK] - To have ingested enough cannabis to be unable to move your legs.

Braindead - e.g. "What did I just say?"

Brainfart - When you are to stoned to remember what you were saying

Branded - When you get burned by a pipe, specificaly a glass one.

Branding - The act of purposefully burning someone with a glass pipe.

Brekky Bong [AU] - To smoke upon waking.

Brett haben [AT] - to be heavy intoxicated by cannabis (literally: to have a plank/board)

Brew - Another name for your pot.

Broken (pipe) - empty pipe. *see also 'fixed'

Brownies [US] - Traditional American biscuit laced with cannabis.

Bruce Lee - name for our bong (gets you chinese eyed)

bubonic chronic - the stuff that makes you hack up a lung and makes your limbs go numb

Bucket Bong [AU] - Gravity bong, made with a 2 litre plastic bottle and a bucket.

bruced (bruce lee) - stoned.

Bubblegum - when the weed's so sticky you have to cut it with scissors or a knife

Bucketit [AU] - Command issued by cannabis imbiber to holder of bucket bong.

Bud [US] - Cannabis or the part of the cannabis plant you smoke.

Buddha - weed stupid

Buddha High - Cerebral high in which one talks about philosophy

Budiquette [US] : Marijuana etiquette.

buffalo - (verb) to buffalo a hit is to cough uncontrolably in the middle of a gargantuin hit

Buffalo Fart - The nasty-ass smoke that some rude-ass stoner left in the bong when he passed it to you.

Bullet [NZ] - Foil.

Bum [US] - The act of deliberately ruining, or attempting to ruin, one's trip, via intimidation, ridicule, etc.

Bung [US] - Bong.

burncruise - The action of riding/driving with no purpose but to get totally ripped and listen to music that fucks with your head in your stoned state of mind.

burn 1 - smoke a joint

Burnt Out [CA] - To become tired after smoking weed.

Bush Bud - not as good as the other pot but is usually home grown.

Buzz [US] - A mild cannabis high.

Buzzed Off [US] - Reaction to bad weed and/or bad trip, resulting in dislike/hositlity towards weed and/or stoners.

Buzzed Out [US] - Overindulgence to the point of sleep.

C (back to top)


CJ - Crystal Joint

CP - cone piece

C.R.S.- Can't Remember Shit!

cabbage - hmmmmmm (slang for the 'good-stuff')

Caked - To be absolutely wasted

Cale'- rastafied stang for weed

can - short for cannibus

can - used for pipe when desperate (not too healthy though)

canoe - when someone lights the joint, or blunt andthe cherry runs up one side o the el'

Caps - oil caps (preferably NZ Gold)

Cabrobrs [BR] - Cannabis.

Cacho [PE] - Cannabis joint

Caned [UK] - Heavily Stoned!

Canna [IT] - Cannabis cigarette.

Cap - same as a cop.

Carrot [UK] - A huge joint packed to the brim and generally the size of an average garden carrot.

cash out - when your one of the first to fall asleep right after a good time

cashed - completely ash bowl (The bowl's cashed, dude.)

Cess [US] - The lowest category that hemp can be in.

chanked - really fucked up.

Cheeba [US] - Cannabis.

cheechin's - Get 4 stoners in a car, roll up the windows, roll up a fattie, and collect some cheechin's. Fun to shine lasers through 'em, and hilarious to get out of the car quickly and try to see through the fog.

cherried - when a bowl needn't be lit

cherry - the red, burning coals of a bowl, or tip of a J.

chewed - mildly high.

Chibachiba [US] - Cannabis.

Chicharra [PE] - The last piece of the joint.

Chicken - Pot. See also 'Eat Chicken'

chicken leg - 20 sack

Chief(v.) - to smoke a bowl (Lets chief this up.)

Chince - when over smoke'in takes place

chinese eyed - stoned(Also known as: Chinky-eyed= how your eyes look after smoking a fattie!!!)

choke on one - to smoke a bowl.

Chokes [US] - What you might get after hitting a bucket bong.

Chong - the act of puffing

Chonged - Fucked up Cheech-style.

Chonger - an extremely large joint that makes it around a circle of five or more people at least three times.

Chooch [US] - A stingy dealer.

Choof [AU] - Cannabis.

Chronic [US] - The best weed money can buy.

Chronic [CA] - A person who partakes in the pot smoking ritual everyday.

chrons- chronic.

Chucking - a 360-spinning out.

cigareefer - joint rolled with tobacco rolling machine

City Clag Blues [AU] - When your mouth feels like the inside of a Clag glue bottle after smoking.

Clambake - Rolling up all the car windows and smoking till you can't see.

Coached - to be pleasntly stoned

Cocktail [US] - A joint roach placed on the end of a cigarette.

comacozer - phat fucking joint

Commercial [US] - Buds that come in a brick.

Cone [AU] - A metal cone with a hole in the center used in pipes, usually made of aluminium or brass.

Cone [CA] - A conical shaped joint which is tapered by rolling with two or more papers glued on an angle.

Cone piece - bowel

cronic - the sweet green meat (pot)

Cop [US] - To aquire some marijuana.

Cotton-mouth [US] - The driest a mouth can get after smoking cannabis.

Cried - being stoned and laughing until it hurts your stomach, also referred to as the "Ten Minute Abs".

Crispy [US] - To be very inspired by consumption of marijuana.

cruisin' - A nice, warm and comfortable high

Crutch [UK] A thin piece of cardboard, usually a matchbook cover, rolled into a cylindrical shape. This accomodates a joint that has become too small to smoke by hand.

Cryp [US] - A hallucinogenic bud if smoked in large quantities.

CrystalBud [US] - A bud of marijuana with tiny crystals usually of higher quality.

Cure [US] - To heat hash so that it's easier to crumble and make a joint with.

curtins - the person you say that to is done ripped off thier ass.

D (back to top)


D-HIT (noun) - When you're bent over coughing, and your friends ask what happened, and you tell them it was "De Hit."

DXM - Cheap weed substitute

Da shit - Really good weed, as in 'This shit's da shit'

Dagga [ZA] - Cannabis.

Dak [NZ] - Buds.

Damo - "where da damo yo!", hehe my nose bleeds after especially hard bong hitz out of the 2 footer :)

dank - stinky, dense herb that fucks you up

Dank Nugs [US] - The finest pot, as in ""Dank Nuggets".

Dark Side - a name of a bong, i.e.: come to the dark side!

Deal [AU] - A cannabis purchase.

digity denver dope dank - the kindest fucking nugs


dime - a $10 sack

Dippin(v.) - to watch someone while they load up the bowl. (Quit dippin, man)

"Dirk" - i rolled up a huge joint about 8 zig-zags, and over a quarter of pot...well, me and my friends thought it kinda looked like "Dirk Diggler"

Dirt [US] - Very poor quality dope.

Dirt Devil [US] - An individual who, on most occasions, has poor grade dope.

Ditchweed [US] - "Wild" hemp with low THC content, or any inferior quality weed.

Doob [NZ] - Joint.

Doobage [US] - Cannabis.

Doobie [US] - Marijuana cigarette.

Dozia-(dosIa) Same as Dank.

Dreck [AT] - Cannabis resin in solid form.

Dregged [AU] - To become tired and lethargic after smoking cannabis.

Dreggin - It means like u'r not really high anymore but your all tired and dregged out, man, I don't know how 2 explain, nevamind.

Dreggy [AU] - Cannabis that causes one to become dregged.

Droogies - the dryness of mouth associated with being stoned. (SA slang)

Droned [US] - To be both drunk and stoned.

drug abuse - when you drop the joint

Dry - When your hook-up has no pot.

Dry Horrors [AU] - When the mouth and throat become dry after smoking.

dub - a $20 bag of weed.

Dubbage - weed

Duckass - verb. To duckass the joint, as in get it all wet with saliva. Considered poor form.

Dude - smoking buddy

Dudette - smoking female buddy

dugout- small wooden box for sneaking tokes. each bowl load will hit 4 to 5 times packed full. it consists of a small aluminiam bat (size of cigarette) and a wooden container (5"x1/2"). a small lid on the container opens to reavel your stash and pipe. pipe screws down into your finely ground pick of the week.

Durban Poison - grade A weed renowned worldwide, packed in thin "pencils".

Dust - 1)The remaining crumbs, crystals etc. that reamin in a baggie after it has been emptied.; 2) Weed that has been broken up too much.

Dutch Oven [AU] - An enclosed area or room filled with cannabis smoke.

Visit Bongs UK, it's a Huge Psychedelic Bongs Shop!

E (back to top)


E-Brake - Point to the parking break in your car, ask someone "Why do they call this an E Brake?" answer - It stops you from rolling.

ear - (slang.) Short tense of telling someone, ‘here ('ear), take this [joint]’.

Eat Chicken - Smoking some pot.., I often seem to fade off into a differnt world...err reality fades away...

Eimer rauchen [DE] - To smoke a bucket bong.

el' - a joint, or blunt.

elbow, Bow - 1 pound of weed

Electric Lettuce [CA] - Potent cannabis.

elevated - a euphoric high.

'ere yego - Means get this roach its burnin' my fangers

Endo-Chronicles - Another word for weed

F (back to top)


F Strings [US] - Term used by musicians when referring to weed on the phone.

Faced [UK] - To be stunned by the potency of a hit.

Faded [US] - To be high.

fattie Maggee - a really really phat doobie

Fatty [CA] - Overly large joint, usually consumed in groups.

fatty mcgritt - a fat joint... also our mascott for somking.

Fershnikered - One who is pretty stoned

Fett [DE] - Totally stoned.

Fettness [DE] - State of being stoned.

Filth (the) - the good hydro

Fire - bright orange bud (sometimes $400 an ounce!)

fish - when you pass the j say this and the response is "fish, fish", first to say it gets the joint. saves arguements, funny the more stoned everyone is.

Fish Bowl - To fog out in a car with multiple joints or pipes blazing at once.

fishlip - When one gets that end of a joint all wet with saliva.

Five-O - police, as in Hawaii Five-0

Fixed (pipe) - Full bowl. *see also 'broken'

Flagged - like a party foul

Flashen [BE] - To have lots of fun while smoking.

flint and tinder - a lighting apparatus.

flying spliff - what is said when a joint is passed by means of throwing.

Foil [AU] - A cannabis purchase wrapped in foil.

foil boiler - Pipe made out of tin foil with a bic pen to form it (not too healthy though)

Fogout [US] - To fill the room or car with smoke.

foul - Party foul (such as spilling bong water or dropping pot

Four-Twenty [US] - The time of day best to smoke.

Frazzled [US] - Under the influence of weed.

Fried [US] - Really stoned.

Friss ihn nicht auf, Alter [AT]: don't bogart the joint (literally: don't eat it, old man)

Fritzen [BE] - To smoke some dope.

Frizzled - The highest level of stonage

F.U.B.A.R.(aka Fubar) - What happens after you smoke a lot of pot. aka Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

Front [US] - Lending weed to one in need.

Fruit Salad Bowl [US] - A bowl with a mix of pot and hash.

Fumo [IT] - Hashish.

Fuori di testa [IT] - Stoned.

Fuzz - The cops

fuzzy mota - bud that's dropped on the floor, and a pet rat.

G (back to top)


G [AU] - A gram of cannabis.

Gage - (Ganja, Reefer, greens, tree, herb, Buddha)- cannabis hemp

Ganja - Another name for weed

Gasen [DE] - To smoke cannabis.

Gear [AU] - Cannabis.

geek out - to laugh at any thing

geeker - person who laughs at any thing

get warmed - get high

Geraet [AT] - Any kind of joint (literally: device)

Glazed - really fucked up. (I am really glazed)

Goiter [UK] - Those annoying twig-like bits in the mull, from cigarettes.

Golf Balls - Big, round skunky buds, that are covered with THC crystals.

gone - stoned.

gonje - really, really, really good weed.

good bud - good-ass-weed or anyone who gives you dope

good 'nuf - "i think i'm fucked up enough for now..."

Goonin' - To be so high that the person is acting in a stupid way "Man, that dude is goonin ".

Gras [AT] - The leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant.

Grass [US] - Cannabis.

gravity bong - cheap but effective bong (using a 2liter bottle and a bucket of water [or the tub])

Green [CA] - Cannabis.

Greenbud [US] - Marijuana that is green, usually of a better quality.

Greening out - passing out

greens - the first hit of a newly packed bowl. "I got greens."

greeny - the post whitey, pre puke stage

Grief [AU] - Cannabis leaf.

Grilled Cheese [US] - Cannabis.

gr'ned - what happens after taking that one hitter from a two foot glassy.

gr'ner - taking a one hitter from a two foot glassy.

Groceries [US] - Stash of cannabis.

Groper [US] - A massive bong hit, followed by much coughing as your lungs grope for air.

Growlies [CA] - Craving for food while smoking marijuana.

Gummy [CA] - To become lethargic after smoking cannabis.

Gunshot [DE] - Inhaling on the hot end of a joint inside your mouth, then exhaling thru the joint into another's lungs.

gurp - (exclimation.) When someone does a stoner screw-up ...Something just totally stupid...Same as Homer's 'DOH'

guzzle - Used bong water that some idiot tries to drink.

H (back to top)


H [CA] - Hashish.

hackin' it - ready, and willing to smoke a joint

Halbes [DE] - 50g hashish.

Half [ AU ] - Half an ounce.

Half-Quarter [CA] - 1/8 of an ounce of weed.

Hammered [US] - Really, really high.

Hammied - Drunk and stoned or just plain fucked up., the best is the first few minutes of the high.

Hangover bowl - A bowl smoked the morning after a hard night of drinking to releive a hangover.

Happy Herb [AU] - Cannabis.

Harsh [US] - Herb that is too dry.

Hasch [AT] - Cannabis resin in solid form.

Hash [AU] - Cannabis resin.

Hash - An additive with weed

Hash-monster [US] - Burning a crumb of hashish on point of a pin, trapping the smoke under glass, inhaling through a straw.

head - is mashed (like a potato) -(head's gone west)

head banger boogie - weed mixed with other drugs,some good stuff.

headrush - a really really ugly bong hit or pipe hit

head shop - A place that sells smoking devices like pipes and bongs "that are intended for tobacco and legal smoking mixtures only."

Heat - police

Heat Score - to be to obvious about your Pot smoaking like in a mall bathroom or in a buisy city park

Henry [UK] - An eighth of an ounce of cannabis, as in Henry the 8th

Herb [US] - The leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant.

HERBivore - stoner that doesn't know what it's like to be sober, or has just forgotten.

hippy circle - a bunch of people sitting around smoking pot

Hit [US] - A puff off a joint or bong.

Hitmeister [US] - A small pipe made from 1/8 inch brass fittings used for burning roaches and small chunks of bud.

Hoaxed - being so stoned you can't move, usually after a gr'ner of nugs, dank, K.B., etc or a really large gravity bong hit.

Hogleg - A big ole pregnant joint like we used to role in the 70's

Homaroma - A word which my friends and I from Vancouver British Columbia. It is what we call the smell of burning marijuana Example: "Can you smell the Homaroma on me?"

Homestone [CA] - Homegrown weed.

honk - to hog a joint. see also 'bogart'

Hooch [US] - Cannabis.

Hook-up - The person whom you get your ganja.

hoot - small peice of hash (like a little mouse turd)

Hooter [NZ] - Tube (generally rolled cardboard) used to inhale smoke from oil spots.

hooter - a nice sized joint

hot-boxed/hot-boxing - to close all the windows/doors and get a smoking compartment really smokey

hot box - When someone hits the J so long, and so hard, that it makes it too hot to hold.

HOT ROCK - is what you get after your Bottle Toke has fully burned thru and all that's left is a tiny red-glowing piece which invariably falls and burns the carpet.

Hot Rocks [AU] - Hot ash pulled through a pipe that burns your throat.

Houbini [US] - Ganja.

HQ [CA] - A half-quarter of cannabis.

Hubbly-Bubbly [ZA] - Water pipe.

Huckleberry [US] - A very compact, but beautiful ganja bud two inches or less in length.

Humboldt gold - the good shit that HSU students grow

Huyro [PE] - Joint.

Hydro [CA] - Hydroponically grown marijuana.

"Hydro operating narcotic supply unit"- impressive name for a bong.

Hydroplug [US] - Bong.

Hyge - Weed grown Hydroponically.

I (back to top)


Iffy - Not really.

Indo [US] - Cannabis.

Indonesia [US] - State of intoxication by marijuana.

Insano vision - when weed is laced with some other substance and gives you a new perspective as your walkin around

Irie - Stoned, ripped, baked

Iron Lungs - dumbass that cashes a bowl in one pull.

Izm[US] - Cannabis.

J (back to top)


J [US] - Joint.

Jah - The Weed God where all the bomb comes from. When done with the weed, toss the roach and say, "Jah Rasta Fari!" and the next time you smoke, it will be fatt and be some cronic.

James Bong [US] - The one person in a group who is the most stoned, or visibly stoned.

James Bong - a name i picked for a bong i made out of a lamp (can't tell it's a bong), i used to have self esteem problems....but no longer.

Janet [UK] - One Quarter of an Ounce of Cannabis, from Janet Street Porter (UK TV Personality).

Jannie [US] - A meticulously rolled fat joint, extraordinary to the point of perfection with a consistant burning characteristic, and no runs.

Jefferson Airplane [US] - A split match that is used as an improvised roachclip.

Jibb [US] - A gram of hashish.

Jibby - A joint any size as long as it is rolled in a regular rolling paper.

Jigaboo [US] - Joint.

Jimmy Hoover [IRL] - To hog back a whole waterfall(water bong)or to take a really big toke.

Jingo [UK] - Joint.

Joint [US] - Cannabis cigarette.

Jones [US] - To crave a smoke.

K (back to top)


K.B. - Killer Bud

K.G.B. - Killer Green Bud

Kankered - to be so stoned you can't move.

karate fucked up - so wasted you start in with some ninja motion.

Karked - Again a term meaning same as caned, shit faced, etc

kaya - weed

Keished - As in: "Dude, My eyes are keished"

Ketten [BE] - To smoke some dope.

Kiffen [DE] - To smoke hash.

kill - weed, herb, hydro, sticky.

kind (bud) - super dank herbs- quality buds

Kite Flying - Code word for when parent's are around. eg "Let's go fly a Kite" translation.."Let's get stoned"

Kitt [AT] - Cannabis resin in solid form.

krikered(cry-kered) - Being so stoned you start to mumble and ramble on about nothing.

Kruzz - (noun) the stuff in the bowl that is not bud but not ash....usually right before it is done. "I think there is some kruzz left in there" as opposed to "I think their might be one hit left"

Kryptonite - really really bright green chronic.

L (back to top)


LSD (UK) - Last Skummy Drag- the final blasts on a doobie

Laced - Weed with a drug in it.

Law Dawg - Cops

Lem [CA] - To smoke up and go directly to sleep.

leno - a joint essay odaleh

level(s of your high) - 1)Descent-after one blunt; 2)Buzzin-when your unable to move your eyes up and down with out getting dizzy; 3)Smacked-this is the level of buddha conciousness,when you laugh at everything.; 4)The only other thing left is when you smoke yourself sober. This is very rare and doesn't usually happen until after about 8 or 9 blunts.

Lid [US] - One US ounce (28.35g) of weed.

lit - to be high.

Little John [NZ] - A two paper joint.

Log [NZ] - Bigger joint.

Logy [CA] - To become lethargic after smoking cannabis.

lookin' - cool, fresh, booty jivin'

Louis [UK] - Sixteenth of an ounce of cannabis, as in Louis the 16th.

Lung [UK] - 2 Litre plastic bottle with a poly-bag attached to the bottom. When the bag is pulled out of the bottle the smoke fills it up.

M (back to top)


magic wand - joint at least 40cm in length

marijuana - name used by Dupont to make hemp illegal

marijuana - a word that wannabe pot heads use when they want to impress you, also used by the piggies

Marriage-u-wanna (Wacky Tabaccy) - pig terms for weed

Marley - when you role a fatty like Marley used to

Mary (noun) - slang for weed, as in "We should go chill wit' Mary."

Mary Washington - a long, rambling story with no particular point that just gets more and more confusing as the person continues, often sprouting into conspiracy theories and the such (inspired by Dazed and Confused)

Mayonaise - a large gravity bong hit that gets so white from the smoke, it looks like mayo.

Mcgiver - someone who can make a bong/pipe/anyother smokin device from whatever he's got in his pockets.

Meds- used when you keep your weed in a prescription bottle: "Do you have your meds with you?"

Mexilente - (adj.) like Mexican brown (dirt) bud.

Middies - Mid-grade weed

MILK IT- You can "milk it" by strategically driving a bottle toke so that the cigarette smoke escapes but the Dope smoke stays and collects in a corner of the bottle. you can tip the bottle (covering one hole) and the toke smoke will roll out. (dope smoke is denser than cigarette smoke)it gives the effect of a liquid substance in the milk

Ming mang mong - Stonage statement, usually followed with, "Cows have a bong."

Minit - G-Speak for a long time... "Damn, dude, that took a MINIT!"

mission - anything that involves moving

Mission - G-Speak for a long trip, usually on foot. "Dude, I'm to fucked to drive... We're gonna have to walk this mission."

Missioning - A thing to do when stoned.

Mix [AU] - A combination of cannabis and other herbs, usually tobacco.

m'n'm'n'med - mished and mashed and moshed.

mong - a universal word. use at least 20 times a day

Monster chong - A night of over-indulgence in cannabis, followed by a crawl home at 6:00am.

monte - marijuana in Spanish

mota - mexican for weed ("?Donde es mota verde?" Where is the green weed?)

Mouli [AU] - To chop cannabis in a parsley grinder.

Mull up - To cut the bud and mix the bud with tabacco.

Mull [AU] - To chop and mix cannabis finely for consumption.

Muller [AU] - One who chops and mixes the cannabis.

Munchies [US] - To become hungry while stoned, usually for snack foods.

munchies - what you get after too many joints

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N.H.B [UK] - The nasty-hot-bit - the butt of a joint

nabbed - to have your pot taken away

narc - Someone who tells your parents or the popos that you got joints. Usually after telling the cops they get fucked up by you and your friends.

Nature Hike [CA] - A long walk with no particular destination while stoned.

necter - slang for glass bong (taken from a Phish album)

Nectars - stinky,sticky,stick to your wall green bud that tears you up!

Nickle [US] - Five dollars worth of weed.

nip - to nip a toke."I just want a Nip of that or a tiny Hoot."

Nosecone [UK] - large cone with a rosebud on the end - skilled fingers required.

Noser - Blowback, shotgun

Nuggets - REALLY good weed

Nugs - supa fresh ultra tight buds (thats my attempt at ebonics)

night -(descriptive state.) as in, ‘A day without drugs is like...night’.

Nugs [US] - High quality, dense, small hydroponically grown buds . Short for "Nuggets".

Nuke [US] - Weed adulterated with especially dangerous and/or toxic substances.

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O [AU] - Ounce of cannabis.

OZ (or just 'O') - means ounce.

Oil [US] - Hashish oil, or purified hashish.

on time - means good bud.

one hitters - anything used to smoke roaches out of

ONE TIME - Means police are coming to break up your session.

one timers - any type of home made bong/bowl that only lasts once or twice

Onion [US] - An ounce of happy herb.

ooja-gabooja - Something you say when you're totally stoned out of your gourd, like you just smoked 10 doobies of Jamaican redhair

OT(over-toke) - When you inhale too much smoke and cough uncontrolably.

Ozzie [AU] - An ounce of the happy herb.

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PPP!? Puff Puff Pass. - For people who are so stoned and just sit and let it go out, or talk so much they just hold it!, When i get high man i just feel real relaxed calmes me down and most always leaves me with a smile.

PABACAB [US] - Pack A Bowl And Catch A Buzz.

Pack [AU] - To fill a cone with herb.

Packer [AU] - One who packs cones.

Paco [PE] - Cannabis purchased and enveloped with paper.

Pakalolo [US] - Hawaiian term for pot.

Papes - what you roll a joint with....

Parker CO - 10 grams $25 good shit.

Pasero [PE] - Street dealer of hemp.

pass interference - when someone interferes with the passing of the weed

Pasties [US] - Dryness in the mouth after smoking cannabis.

Peeky- Something that you find really cool or eally freaky

pedo - means 'high' in Spanish

Perma-grin - The permanent grin that gets plastered upon your face after smokin' a "Hogleg".

Persy [CA] - Personal supply of pot.

pinchy - a one-hitter of marijuana (usually one isn't enough).

Pi-zo - pipe

philly - a LARGE blunt (or joint)

phs - POTHEAD SYNDROME (occurs when you smoke weed intensely, forgetting shit etc.)

Pinner [CA] - A small personal joint.

Pinner - A small amount of weed

piggies - cops

Pipe [US] - Smoking implement.

Pitter - which is a personal bong hit or pipe hit

PK - "Pretty Kind". Just above schwag, but not as good as chronic.

Placeboed - getting ripped off, small bag or shitty weed.

Plumber - a dealer.. a person who sells marijuana ( we gotta call the plumber )

Plumbing - the act of smoking weed ( lets go plumbing after school )

plumbing supplys - weed, marijuana

Plumbing tools, tools - a pipe bong or any other smoking aparatious

Why plumbing? - because a plumber fixes problems like empty it all works together.

Pocket Knife - Roach clips

Polle [DE] - Hashish.

police - (noun.) Improperly motivated authority figures. See also mosquitoes or other stinging insects.

Politicking - Getting the bowl, then pausing to tell a story before taking your hit.

Poor Man - a pipe made out of a 25 cent can of orange soda *note-Smoking out of aluminium cans isn't healthy!

popo - cop also see fuzz

'possum Sherrfis - Department of Natural Resources officers,game Wardens and Forest Rangers

post - traumatic bowl syndrome- A condition (temporary) where the smoker cannot grasp basic concepts such as left or right, up and down, hit or pass. Often the cause of bogarting, aka brain-lock.

Potato - when you don't have a pipe and need one very badly so you make one out of a potato.

pot-head - anyone looking at this page

pot-pye eye-fried - When one is totally monged!

Pot Nap - Crashing after getting totally monged!

Potty time - Right now; time to puff; burn one, (or a few...)

powerlung - hard long bong hit with no clearing

Pregnant [US] - A joint that is rolled incorrectly, usually with more pot in the middle than any place else.

puff daddy - a way to ask your friend, in front of parental or non-smoker units, if you he/she wants to go smoke.

pull tubes - (noun) tubes with a vacuum type suction device that pulls smoke into them

Pure Pipe [DE] - To smoke dope thru a small,thinn pipe made from copper or wood without tobacco.

purple sticky buds - that stuff that's a good 50/50 sativa indica mix and turns purple when ripe...mmm, delicious!

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Q [AU] - A quarter ounce of cannabis.

QP [US] - A quarter pound of pot.

Quarter [AU] - A quarter ounce of cannabis.

quintillo - a 'five chunk' in ElSalvador


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R.I.Ped - Something you get the giggles over when smashed.

reality - (noun.) The place where the pizza man comes from.

red - The state of being high (eyes)

Redeye [US] - The telltale redness of the eyes when stoned.

Reefer [US] - Marijuana.

Reefer [UK] - A name given to a long thing slender 3 king skin J.

Reeson-head - one who likes to smoke resin.

Reiben [DE] - To mix up tabac and hash to smoke in a waterbong.

Resienated - when you put your weed in your pipe (middle chamber) and let it get all greasy

Resin Scraping [US] - To scrape and smoke resin from a bowl once the weed has run out.

Rez [US] - Resin.

rip stavin killer party-just what it says

Riped - really fucking ripped!

ripped-rippity - Term used when you go to school really stoned and other students can tell. telling you you better watch out!

Rising Blow-Back [US] - Same as a blow-back only the smoke is inhaled whilst from the crouching position, slowly standing up.

Roach - the very end of a joint (when you can't hold it anymore)

Roach Clip [CA] - An alligator clip, or similar device, used to hold joints that are too short to smoke without incurring roach burns.

Roach Hotel [CA] - A collection of roaches to be recycled into new joints.

Roacher - Someone who passes you a lit roach and expects you to smoke it.

Robobaked - baked to the point of only having a few basic motor skills left.

Rokatoke - This is when you get pretty ripped and you takeanother toke.

rolled upon - To be stopped by five-oh.

rollin' - the act of rollin in your car an smokin outta your pipe

Rolling - Being under the influence of MDMA (E, X, XTC, Ecstasy).

Rooibaard [ZA] - Best buds wih small red hairs.

Rooksaak [NL] - Dutch room for cannabis consumption.

Rope [US] - Cannabis, from the days of cowboys with hemp ropes.

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S-HIT (noun) - Type of hit where the only thing you're capable of saying is "SHIT!"

sacker - sack of weed.

saddle - to toke

Saddy - A small plastic bag in which you put your dearly beloved.

Safety meeting - stop for a puff.

Salad [CA] - A mixture of different herb.

Sarcannabis - see Stonecastic

Sces [US] - Cannabis, term popular amongst gangsta rappers.

Schwag - the lowest grade of weed

Schwarzer [DE] - Black afghani hash.

Schwilly - stupid fucked up! On whatever, just bent in general.

Scode [NZ] - Rerolled joint stubs.

Scoob [AU] - Cannabis.

Scoobie Snax [US] - Anything you eat when you got the munchies.

Score [AU] - To buy any quantity of cannabis.

Scrapings [NZ] - Resin scraped from smoking device.

scummie - A Chicagoland slang word for being fucked up

Sensamella - good bud and no seeds

Sesh - Just plain short for session or another name for your pot.

session - A gathering, the mission of which is to get totally fucking faded.

shattered - The state of mind after a good joint or bong hit(s) and the eyes appear extremely red & squinty.

Shaggy - the stoney dude from Scooby Doo

Shake [US] - The contents of a bag of cannabis after the buds are removed.

Shake wake - when your not stoned when you wake up but it kicks in about a half hour later, followed by extreme munchies

Shit [AT] - Cannabis resin in solid form.

Shmeez [US] - To smoke good pot.

sho 'nuf - "damn i'm fucked up!"

Shorty - someone who can't handle their smoke

shotgun- same as a 'Shottie'.

Shottie- taking the joint and reversing it and blowing the smoke into another persons air ways while watching the other person create a very hella killer perma grin :)

shwag - weed that sucks, not very potent. Cheap.

shwigity shwag- yuck nasty compact shit

Silver [NZ] - Foil.

Sink Tokes [CA] - Gravity bong, made with 2 litre bottle and pipe bowl.

Sinse [AU] - Abbrev. Sinsemilla.

sjaaaaams - stoner jams.

Skanked [UK] - To be ripped off on a deal.

Skanky [UK] - A rather dirty bong or pipe.

Skeeto - being really high

Skiddly-Bop - same as skeeto

Skidhi - lets get high,also see lets go get high.

Skiffer - someone who takes another's bong rips.

skimp - to givesomeone less than there money's wrth of weed, or getting ripped off.(man i only got 4 joints out of that 8th.)

skins - cigarette papers

Skin-up [UK] - To roll a joint.

skunk - smelly bud, smells like skunk spray

Sleath [US] - Joint.

Smashed [AU] - To be very stoned.

Smizztoke - the cigerette you have before and after a bowl.

Smoke [AU] - Cannabis.

sneak-a-toke - a small pipe like structure that lets you sneak tokes

Snoop Dogg - What we call someone who takes one hit of a joint, and then feels free to take another w/o passing it. (ever see Half Baked?)

snotty-ass - [*This definition was added 'as is', complete with the stoner 'tangent{meow}' used to explain the difinition]" When the bowl on your bong is huge, and 10 people can get a fatty hit, sometimes when i party, il drink as well, but i never never get alcohol hangeovers.. but damn, i get so many bong-overs, it sucks.. fucking headaches. My favorite experiece, or experiences, is sitting in my room, when the blacklight is on and using my black light bong.. its a sick as hell double chamber with a snotty-ass bowl.. one hit gets you so ripped... chokin' all night long

snow blower - Putting ice or snow in the bong

Spartek - The tiny amount of usually powdered residue left in the corner of a baggie. Variously measured as 1/8 to 1/4 of a pinch hit. See pinchhit, pinchhitter, bat, dugout.

Spazzing - Dropped your bong or joint.

Spear [US] - Whole, dried tops still on the stem, 6"-14" long, weighing up to several ounces.

Spleef [US] - A coned-shaped joint with a touch of hash.

spliff - a nice joint

spoon - used to insult those who spill the gange

Spots - a little ball of pot ready to be burned by very hot knives, heated by your very own stove by placing the knifes inbetween. take your Mt. Dew bottle that is cut in half and place the drinking side in your mouth. Take one knife and place it over the ball of pot thus causing it to burn place the other knife on the ball and move it under the bottle - suck and feel the rush of what being high really means.

Stale [US] - The feeling you get after smoking too much bud.

stash - what you hide from your parents; what your parents hide from you

Sti-zoned - stoned

Stick [DE] - One-paper-joint with tobacco.

Stickies [NZ] - Buds.

Sticky [NL] - Joint.

stinky green - really good smelling bud

Stogie [NZ] - Joint.

Stonation - The state of being really fucked up on weed. "Man, Im in fucking Stonation!"

Stoned [US] - To become inspired by consumption of the herb.

Stoned Over [CA] - To become lethargic after smoking cannabis.

Stonecastic - When your so fucked up and think it's funny to be sarcastic. ex.(I'll be right back, I'm just gonna go talk to the cops.) or (Dude, don't worry, i hid the bowl under your mom's pillow.) *usually followed by him shitting in his pants then uncontrolable laughter* also-Sarcannabis

Stoned - Classic slang for being really high. Stoned-er- more than stoned

Stoned stupid - the stage past smoked silly, when you're too fucked up for the world.

Stoner [US] - One who is regularly inspired by the happy herb.

Stoner Rodeo - Playground accessories, such as animals with springs attached to the bottom.

Stoners(the Three) - Gaz, Raven, and Greedy

stooge - weed distributer

Strunk - Like droned, but the feeling is different when you get drunk after stoned

Stungry - Stoned and Hungry (We can up with this one night when we were so blasted that we could barely talk we decided to combine words so we didn't have to exert ourselves hahaha)

SUBZERO - a 12foot atomic bud smoking bong.

Sucking Diesel - Smoking the herb.

Super-bubonic Hydro Ponic Hyper Chronic - Something that is usually laced with something, or really good hydro

super-duper-supurb-phat sack 'o herb - a sack of weed hooked up phat

Super-Toke [CA] - To inhale a joint as another person exhales on the other end.

Swacked - to be high

Swazi Gold Compressed - Handy compressed Grade A from Swaziland, no seeds, light and easy to stash

Swisher, B - a blunt

Switch Hitter - the guy in the middle (usually hitting the utensil as they pass it)

Swisser Sweet - weed cigar, well i puke almost every time.

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T & K [CA] - Torch and Knife used for smoking hash.

Tangent(meow)- Our stoner kitty who had 4 baby whipplets...or an off-shoot of an off-shoot of an off-shoot of a story that one stoner started, and many others have picked up.

tangenting - The art of telling stories to baked people. Every couple minutes, tangent off into another story and see how long you can keep 'em mesmerized.

Tax - Stealing someones weed.

Tea [US] - Marijuana leaves.

Ted Nelsen - a slang word for MJ, taken from MST3K

"Texas" - said when you're skipping your hit because you don't wanna get fubar. Texas = El Paso = "Pass" = "Skip me, dude, I'm baked."

Thai Stick [US] - Famed bud, purchased tied to a piece of bamboo.

The thought - more smoke ("Are you having the thought?")

Tich [US] - THC in pill form.

tidos - Spanish for dubie

tin foil - what you use when you're desperate

Ting - slang for any form of ganja

Tinney - 25$ quarter wrapped in tin foil

Tinnie [NZ] - Foil.

toe (or tow up) - when you're really fucked up.

tomato eyed-(WA)The person who consistantly gets the reddest eyes out of the group,red eyes. also 'tomatoed' "Dude, you're fuckin tomatoed!" , some laziness!

Toned - (noun.) extremely obliverated.

TONY - Can be slang for Hash, Or to a ask a mate if he wants to meet 'Tony' i.e "Let's get stoned!"

tour - something you do when your high.

Treed [CA] - To be extremely stoned.

treez - another word for marijuana.

Troet [AT] - A conical joint (literally: cornet or cone)

Trippy- When something or someone that is "wacked out"( Dude thats so trippy)

Tripped Out- When a said stoner is peeking out.

Troncho [PE] - Joint.

Tube [US] - Water Pipe 2ft. or larger.

Tuete [DE] - Joint.

Twant [US] - A twenty dollar bag of cannabis.

Twamp  Twenty sack

Twomp - $20 worth of weed

tweak - When you flip out from smoking too much

Tweeker - [*Posted as is, complete with stoner 'tangent{meow}']: Means tweek out, tippen , uncontroled part of a deep high, where you laugh uncontrolably, and do weirdo things. Well, when i get high, i get really high, other people tell me they wish they could get as high as me, wehre i can literally fly in my mind, where i am in a complete new world, seeing things diffrently. exactly like a weird dream. except when i really close my eyes, i fall fall fall fall fall, deep into the earth.

twig - a joint that is almost roached

Twigged [US] - Stoned.

twin - 20 sack o' weed.

twisted - really fucking stoned

Twistie - another word for joint

Twomp - $20 worth of weed

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Utensil - anything used to smoke pot with (pipe, bong, joint, etc.)

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Vaporizer [US] - The healthiest safest way to smoke your magic herb.

Vapouriser [UK] - The healthiest safest way to smoke your magic herb.

Vaccuum Lungs - Someone who cashes the bowl in one rip.

Vegged [UK] - State of complete and utter fak-ed-ness.

Vegimatonic - (descriptive state) as in 'Totally pot-pie eye-fried'!

Victum - to be always stoned or not have a clue on what is going on (dazed and or Confused)

Viertel [DE] - 25g hashish.

Viper [US] - Harlem slang circa 1928 for one who smokes "reefer".

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Wacky Tobaccy [AU] - Rolled into cigarettes for an enlightening effect.

Wacky Weed [AU] - Wild plant sometimes found in dense forest or sugar cane.

Wake 'n' Bake - when you smoke a pipe once you get up.

wasted (fucked, blown) - I stayed up til 3 this morning blazin a bowl and had to get up a 5 to got to school

Weed [US] - Cannabis.

Weeders - buddies of your who smoke weed.

weedies - what me and toaker say to each other while talkin about weed in school

Whattayanogud? - Means "Got Pot"

whitey - when the face turns pale after too much smoking

William - Another Word For Joint

woo - (verb.) when you inhale the roach while its still lit to shock and amaze your friends. (woo the roach)

wood - California word for marijuana.

work - (verb.) What you have to do to get the bowl packed, or what you have to do to KEEP the bowl packed.

Wowzers - what inspector gadget says after a hudge bong hit.

wrecked - what you are after a bucket

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Xenaphobahigh - Fear of stoned aliens.

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Ya good - (question) Are you stoned yet?

yahndi(AU) - Aboriginal name for the majestic mull

Yaz - herb, pot, marijuana

Yee - means to be quite high or wanting to get high. "Wanna get yee?"

Yerbalogo - Weed college in Spanish. Can be used in lots of ways. I learned it by watching spanish subtitles on DVD of half-baked, and is now part of our slang., the only effect I've had is happiness, and maybe a lighter wallet, but it's worth it!!!

Yuccapuffy - Herb, pot MaryJane

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Z [US] - Ounce of cannabis.

ZZs - zig zags

zigzag - papers used to roll marijuana

Zip or 'Z'[US] - An ounce of marijuana.

Zivilisiert Sein [DE] - (to be civilized) smoking cannabis.

Zo stoned als een garnaal [BE] - To be very, very stoned.

Zol - The Whacky Weed (South African slang)

zoned -  staring into nothingness.

Zooed [CA] - To be extremely stoned.

Zoom Tube [UK] - A long pipe on a bong which you take the smoke in with.

zooted - the state of being extremely