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What type of Stoner are you?
Which guitar are you
What kinda drugs are you?
Are you a stoner or a POTHEAD?
What type of car are you?
What Alcoholic drink are you
What High School Stereotype Are You?
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Stoner Results

Jamie’s Results:

Tweak and Cha
One of the most fun and weirdest stoners their are. You often say dumb shit that turns out to be hilarious after a few seconds. You often make weird sounds and twitch a lot. You will use your skills of twitching and weird sounds to make up for shitty jokes you have told which strangly evens things out. You love smoking and hanging out with your friends and making an ass out of yourself. Defently a nice and cool person to blaze it up with

Tori's Results:

Never Sober
You are the kid who can't seem to put down the Ganja. You often find yourseld feeling more out of your zone when your sober then when you are stoned. You have permantly friend your brains and have aquired the intellgence of a 5th grader. You are fun to hang with but often hard to cummunicate with because you are retarted. Your a Chill person to hang with at the least